XxKraitxX (xxkraitxx) wrote in chronotrigger,

Fic - "Reset" (Chapter 3)

Title: Reset
Author: Krait
Disclaimer: Chrono Trigger and all of its characters and elements belong to Square Enix 
Warnings: Doesn't follow the canon line. As in, it doesn't turn into Chrono Cross/Radical Dreamers.
Rating: K+ until further notice
Summary: After the Ocean Palace tragedy, Schala wishes for everything she has done to be deleted. However, the Frozen Flame has other plans for her... The princess of Zeal is granted a second chance.
Notes: I had and inspiration attack. And reading "Halloween" fics made me squeal, too.

(Schala sensed no magical prowess in this man and came to the conclusion that he was an Earthbound. A well-fed earthbound.)
Tags: fanfic
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