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As I sit here, I come to realize that Chrono Trigger may be one of the most well rounded RPG's ever actually made. This is a new post, as I have recently joined the group. But I feel that I need to make the point, (may be overkill at this point) that CT may be one of the most overlooked but popular games around. Chrono fans tends to be few and far between. However, I find that the people that are into Chrono tend to be avid fans. It has reached cult status without having become underground. It has become part of the Squaresoft brand , in league with Final Fantasy, without having all the promotion and popular consent of larger, more main stream games.

Having said that, I wish to address the fact that CT should be enjoyed by a very large audience. It has all the allure of Final Fantasy and the soundtrack appeal of a large, well produced RPG. While it may differ from traditional Squaresoft titles, it incorporates many facets of what you would expect of a Square title. I think that CT should be handed out, in sample form, like Tide or a new cereal, to expose the masses to the hide away gem of a game that they may be missing. There is much more that I may elate in relation to Chrono, however I wish to just get the basic principle out there, and let others give their opinions on the matter. This game single handedly reignited my passion for SNES-era RPG's. I remember playing through it when the SNES was still new and being interested, but kind of overwhelmed. This was a good thing.

I would be interested in hearing more rants on peoples' first experience with CT and where they are now with the game. Please know that I hold a deep love of the game and wish to just rant about with others that are trying to complete the game to as close to 100% as they can.

Talk amongst yourself. I shall return.
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